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About Kidz For A Cause

Kidz For A Cause is an organization of kids drawn together by a desire to help kids in need. Combining their positivity, talent and energy, KFAC puts on awesome FUNraising events powered by kids to raise money for non-profits that benefit kids.

What sets KFAC apart? From concept until completion, no matter how large the task, all aspects of each campaign are handled by kids. The Board of Directors and Junior Board of Directors lead and inspire hundreds of kids from across Oahu. No matter what fun idea KFAC comes up with each year, the goal is always the same: to put on the best campaign ever, share the beneficiary charity’s mission with the community, and raise as much money as possible for the non-profit . It goes both ways, since Kidz develop leadership, teamwork and organizational skills and learn lasting philanthropic values along the way.

ThinkTank 2016 was a campaign composed of dozens of mini-FUNraisers by 300-plus kids ranging from 6 to 18 years old. Together they raised more than $300,000 for the frail newborns of Kapiolani Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, most of it in donations under $50 (the largest single donation was $15,000).

ThinkTank 2016 was Kidz’ fourth campaign. Since 2008 KFAC has raised more than $420,000 in total and distributed every penny to the Ronald McDonald House, American Heart Association’s kids programs, Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu, and Kapiolani’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Now, with ThinkTank 2017, Kidz comes home to where it began: raising money to help the kids of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Mission Statement

Kidz For A Cause is a series of volunteer-driven events powered entirely by kids, for kids in need. We strive to empower the next generation with the leadership skills to give back to the community.

History of Kidz For A Cause

In 2008, third grader Nicki Lee had to come up with a community service project for school. “I wanted to do something that could utilize my love of performing. And that’s why I decided to put on a kids charity concert,” says Nicki.

“My very first concert was held in my living where I invited some of my friends to perform with me. We ended up raising $1,100 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.” A few days later Nicki’s mom, Cathy Lee, took her to the House to present the money and meet some of the families. “I still remember playing with one of the girls and singing for the families in the living room. Those real connections I made that day touched me profoundly,” says Nicki.

Three years later she decided to put on another KFAC Concert. Over 50 kids from 9 schools participated, including a 12-kid Board of Directors. Their concert at Aloha Tower Marketplace drew an audience of 400 people and raised over $10,000 for the American Heart Association.

In 2015, Kidz For A Cause put out an islandwide call for talented Kidz and organized two sold-out concerts before 2,000 people at downtown Honolulu’s historic Hawaii Theatre. Together, 200 Kidz raised $108,000 for the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu, which helps heal kids who are victims of abuse and witnesses to crime.

Kidz For A Cause’s growth did not stop there. In her junior year, Nicki realized she needed a way to keep KFAC’s momentum going after she graduated. She put on her thinking cap and created ThinkTank: a mega-campaign that inspired Kidz to come up with their own creative FUNraisers for the chosen non-profit. The power of kids was on full display as 300 students ages 6 to 18, including an unbelievable Board of Directors, collectively held dozens of micro-campaigns. Sports clinics, bake sales, concerts, gourmet dinners and much more … the young philanthropists combined their efforts for a larger cause and raised over $300,000 for the fragile babies of the Kapiolani NICU.

“Wow, what a journey this has been! Now that I’m in my last year of high school, I can reflect back on these nine years and I’m so incredibly proud of not only how much KFAC has raised for non-profits, but also how many kids we were able to introduce to the importance and gratification of giving back. In my senior year we’re coming back to where it all began, because the Ronald McDonald House is where my own philanthropic passion was born. It’s good to come home.”

2016 Board of Directors

These 9th to 12th graders are the mentors, creative force and team leaders behind ThinkTank.

Anna Kimata*
Ashley Nakagawa*
Ava Williams**
Ayaka Kimura**
Brie Kodama
Brooke Whitehead
Chandan Sappal
Charles LaVoie***
Emily Kim
Erin Azuma*
Holly Berwick*
Kai Cox*
Kealani Ontai*
Kennedy Ishii*
Keri Wagner***
Kyler Sakamoto
Landon Mukaigawa*
Lauren Mukaigawa*
Lia Wong*
Lucy Murphy*
Matt Kam
Matt Matsumoto
Megan Rodrigues***
Nicki Lee***
Nicole Saito*
Risa Hata**
Shyen Hirabayashi*
Trevor Serna
***KFAC since 2008  **KFAC since 2011  *KFAC since 2015

2016 Junior Board of Directors

These elementary and middle school students follow the lead of the Board of Directors and are mentors and leaders to their peers.

Alexis LaVoie
Aya Okimoto
Azure Sueda
Brooke Brennan
Callie Katsura
Carlee Marcello
Cashel Kodama
Christi-Ann Lin-Frazier

Elise Glazier
Erika LaVoie
Evan Porter
Grace Kennedy*
Hope Blake
Isaac Blake
Iya Garg
Lily Zimmerman
Luke Sonson
Olivia Cox
Paige Huang
Rosie Kennedy
Ryder Goto
Rylie Goto
Scarlett Sueda
Subash W. Bratton*
Veda Garg
*KFAC since 2015