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Join Kidz For A Cause 2020!

Do YOU want to be A KID For A Cause?

Join the Kidz Power Movement!
We’re looking for philanthropic kids who want to get involved while having fun!

KFAC FUNraisers inspire Kidz to use their creativity and passion to help kids in need. FUNraisers created by Kidz have included sports clinics, bake sales, dances, a carnival, talent shows and more!

We’re starting our 2020-21 campaign! We’ll let you know as soon as new KFAC rallies and opportunities come up!

So…what do you like to do?

What’s next?
To become a Kid For A Cause, register today — elementary, middle and high school students welcome!

Become a Student Ambassador

All Student Ambassadors who raise $250 or more get:
•  To be part of an elite group of positive, dynamic Kidz like you
•  To learn about philanthropy and its real-life effects firsthand
•  Certified 20-40 community service hours from our charity
•  An awesome Kidz For A Cause logo cap
•  An invitation to KFAC 2020-21 finale check presentation and celebration party

Safety First!
Kidz! we highly recommend adult supervision at all your FUNraisers and any activities you may have! Your safety is important to us, keep your parents informed every step of the way.

Kidz For A Cause gets bigger and better every time … Thanks so much for signing up to help kids in need!

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