‘Kidz Empowering Kids’ on Hawaii News Now

Driven by kids.

What is Kidz for a Cause? A group of kids banding together to help kids in need. There’s a board of directors and executive committee and they have organized a fundraising concert on March 15 at the Hawaii Theatre benefitting the friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Oahu. All aspects of the show are done by kids. Emcee, backstage managing, marketing, tickets sales, etc.

Charles Lavoie, Talent Director for Kidz for a Cause joins KITV4 News. He got started in KFAC when Nicki asked him to be a part of the concert at her house to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities. There were only 28 people there and they raised over $1,100 for friends and family.

Kidz for a Cause has grown to involving almost 200 kids across Oahu and through this concert will raise well over $50,000. Charles, as the talent director, was in charge of getting students to audition, which resulted in over 100 acts auditioning to be in the show. Kody, a ukulele virtuoso was one of the acts. They also had a rock band, ballroom dancers, singers, pianist and even an impersonator!

It was an amazing show!