Youngsters With A Big-hearted Idea

You may sometimes hear adults say that they feel sorry for our younger generations, that they have lost the meaning and values of hard work, respect and generosity.

Those folks haven’t met these students who make up Kidz 4 A Cause. They’re a perfect example of what is exactly right with our succeeding generations of youths and how they are working to inspire their peers.

Kidz 4 A Cause has taken the responsibilities of beneficiary work and wrapped it around performing and having fun. In 2008 Nicki Lee a then third-grade student at Hanahauoli School was asked as a school project to create a program that gave back to the community. Instead of opting to do a beach cleanup or start a recycling project, Nicki, after much brainstorming, decided to utilize her passions for singing and performing to help give back. She wanted to organize a benefit concert featuring herself and her friends to raise money for a select charity. After easily convincing her friends to join her in performing, and with the help of her mother, Cathy Lee, Kidz 4 A Cause approached Ronald McDonald House.